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Hey everyone!

It's has finally been done.

After a very long episode of procrastination and also getting bombarded with projects, I can finally announce that I am now playing Minecraft! It took a second to figure out how to download this game full of block-shaped creepy-crawly monsters and Neanderthals', along with figuring out the right version run the game on, but alas it was a success!

I've had the privilege to be invited into EchoThorn's GardensMP server for my very first time actually playing the game. As a result I've had a blast, and now I will be frequently playing Minecraft while streaming in the future. It will definitely serve as decent recovery time outside of work for much needed breaks within my workload. Aside from music production, video editing, and other duties to build the brand, I've been peeping game and been noticing that it's a pretty chill way to bond, interact, and networking with my community. Hopefully more collaborations with other VTubers and other streamers can result within playing with people.

Back in the day, I had my doubts on this game and questioned why so many people play it, and remained loyal to it. I can definitely see why. It's just entertaining on how much new sh*t they put in this game, compared to the gameplay I've watched on YouTube from other people who ran earlier versions. First they started off with people just trying to get diamond axes and armor, trying to see how far they can dig down to the Minecraft universe's core. Nowadays, people can customize entire kitchens with refrigerators and islands, have king-sized pixelated beds, and what's even more ridiculous—pixelated 4080 PC's, streaming and gaming monitors. I truly couldn't believe how much Minecraft blew up within the time I was sleeping on it. Hopefully I'm not too late to the party, now...


So in tribute for finally getting on Minecraft, I have to thank one of my long time friends on this streaming journey, Kathulu, for making this custom lizard skin for me! It definitely captures the zombie chameleon and it was quite a surprise receiving this in my direct messages. As part of the ChillinChameleon NFT Project, this awesome work made by him has definitely been a heartfelt gift and I will definitely be using this as my default. My username will be "DJAFTERBURNZ", So if you see this skin roaming around in public servers, y'all know who it is! Come say hi!


To address many of your responses on the poll discussion I've held on twitter about starting my own Minecraft server, please know that everything is in the works. I'm trying to still figure out how the gameplay suits me, along with finding the time to stream Minecraft alongside my workload on other things. However, given that if I do open a server, and if any of you are still interested to be in it, you are more than welcome to build, craft, and do whatever in there to help build the village in any way that is appropriate. I may not be able to put in the amount of hours into nurturing the land as best as you guys, but any questions, tips, or even knowledge that any of you guys would like to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my discord server or twitter.

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